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I am adding more songs to the gallery. We have a dozen artist each with dozens of songs so it may take me awhile. In the meantime, please enjoy my piano improvisation “The Body Can Do Magic” which is unedited from the original version (except that the original is 14 minutes long) so I kept it in tact for one version, and made four shorter songs out of that one improvistion, one of which is below…. 

Second is a track recorded in my studio with the amazing Lisa Roma. She did it in one take because it was late and we had our grandchildren with us. You can hear them about one minute into the song in the background for a spilt second before they realize the red light was on! So funny… but that’s why Lisa and I, and other artist do what we do… for the childred…. for our legacy… so they and others will be at peace with our messages… much love = peace = iAndroid

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Hi Resolution “Hi Rez” 1:19 (intro only) $0.99 Add to cart
improv to drums… intro recorded 060118 @10:50 PM
Benvenuti A Roma $0.99 Add to cart
Android on his way to Rome to get his girlfriend back!
Body Talk $0.99 Add to cart
From the cd Dark Love, Body Talk about a dancer who really know how to make her body talk!
Afterlife music & lyric by Android $0.99 Add to cart
You Might As Well Know $0.99 Add to cart
The instrumental version of an Act II song from the Paradox of Paradise… in this song after 8 years of hearing stories and asking his grandpa so many questions, little Frankie finds out for the first time that he comes from a family of Angels!
You Give Me Something $0.99 Add to cart
From the CD: Dark Love
Wth A Woman Like That – you got to get it right! $0.99 Add to cart
Title: You Always Get It Right         Lyrics Written by Android for a very close friend… ha! Rated M for moaning!
Westchester Life 2.0 version by Android cd: Westchester Life $0.99 Add to cart
“Westchester Life” 2.0 version is the second song on the cd of the same title. Version one was recorded without guitars. Then came the 2.0 version giving me the idea to record anther version with a totally different guitar solo. Afterwards, I looked over an saw that Harley had fallen asleep on the sofa in the studio, so I record version 3.0 with another solo. Ha, that lead me to version 4.0, then 5.0, then 6.0… so it turned into it’s own cd which I dedicate to my new perspective on life… and a place I go to to maintain that perspective!
They Come With $0.99 Add to cart
This song is about a college student counting the days until graduation and his new job in the city, and how he appreciated his old job in the shoe store… in the mall! This one is about kindness and how it can get you places in life!
“The Body Can Do Magic” music by: Android $0.99 Add to cart
The body certainly can do magical things providing you begin with the mind. I am giving away free downloads from June 1, through the 15th as motivation to click on the link below and learn how i lost 70 pounds simply by changing the way I think… I will be recording the lyric to this song LIVE in June when I move into my new studo… much love = peace = iAndroid click here to learn how your body can do magic
Teaser $0.99 Add to cart
An acoustic version of my orginal 1977 verson, which was then called: “All The Basic Elements” & written about a young gal who everyone thought was a teaser, so no one asked her out except for Android. Then came the fun!
“Sweet Sister Mary” music & lyric by: Lisa Roma $0.99 Add to cart
Hi, Frankie D. here… I want to personally welcome Lisa Roma to our label. Keep an eye out for her releases coming soon! Lisa will be in the studio with Android on May 27, 2018 editing “Sweet Sister Mary”, working on the storyboard for the video, and recording her next song “Rainforest Man”. Say hi to Lisa Roma on fb.
Purple People $0.99 Add to cart
“Android changing lanes again with another song bending genre from baroque, to imo, to Chicago style rock n roll”… Iggy Ice, Independent Media “The Hype” composed by Android
Prisoners $0.99 Add to cart
You know they are trapped inside your mind as well… not just mine!
Joey Cracks $0.99 Add to cart
An improvisation about how I find the inspiration for my songs, and live a happy life! “…change your mind change your body…” iAnfroid
If I $0.99 Add to cart
The song no one wants to write but needs to be written is alway the hardest when it about someone you love… songwriters make up a lot of fantasy, I know this b/c I do it as well b/c …”what is scicence fictiion today is fiction in ten years… that is how we visit the future through our unconscious mind. Don’t be afraid. You alraeady know the outcome. We ARE… we are born…. We Live as Hosts for our angelic souls… we never die… we transition…to AfterLife… there is no death… just a word to describe what happens…. de – activation – Time – Home … just a reminder to it’s time for our souls lous… to move back to our source… no more tears.. that book says… I will wipe them away… b/c Now won … now we won! I love you Bella… love beauty… be love evolve! iAndroid “
Hi Rez 3.0 $0.99 Add to cart
Scream Out Loud $0.99 Add to cart
this is my first public service announcemebnt about sexual harrassment in the workplace… based on a true story.
About the Recording

Title: The Body Can Do Magic

I composed this song right after leaving my chiropractor’s office. I always feel so energized on the way out. I go three times a week, and I’m in and out in 20 minutes. My first three session took a bit longer beause that’s when I discovered where the problem areas were… now it’s in and out because I’m in the maintenance phase… but I go 3 times per week because it’s an unbelievable benefit for me! I sit in a studio for 6 hours a day, then at night I sit in another studio for 4 hours… with 8 hours of sleep that leaves only leave me 6 hours to run my company… ha! I work out for an hour every day, except for Sunday when i work for two hours! After learning about:

“The 5 Components to Internal & External Fitness Health & Longevity”

“As soon as I was able to change the way I thnk, my body followed by default! Amazing stuff…

much love = peace = iAndroid’

Westchester Life 

Dr. Joey Amato, DC, is a Principled Chiropractor who believes in body maintenance over body “treatment.”

iAndroid alert – Joey wrote The Absolute Truth & Common Sense! to make his message of principled health care accessible to virtually anyone who is ready to take control of their own absolute emotional and physical health.

 Hey Android, how did you lose 70 pounds in 10 months? Hey Frankie D. click here… you can stand to lose 20 pounds yoursefl!


Ask Iggy if you want to be a guest on the show.

Producers ask for Frankie D.

Iggy Ice Publicity & Advertising is an iBella.us owned agency of the MOG TOG VOG, E.G. Inc.,

doing business with:

  • charities, 
  • not for profit corporations, 
  • veterans, 
  • the elderly, 
  • orphans,
  • the disabled, 
  • the uninformed, 
  • and the soulless 

…on this rock filled with H2O, which is the only reason it supports life. Take away the water and there is no life… water is one of the primordial ingredients necessary to sustain our lives. When you add sugar to that water and call it “tasty” you are destroying your own life by your own hand, and by the commands of an audio/visual image you see on television, and now on your cells every day as well.

Advertising breaks our will power. That is what it is intended to do to us in order to benefit the source of the ads. Their job is to distract you with pretty images and sell you painted/tainted, non-nourishing, so called: packaged, preserved, denatured, modified, “food”, that is quick and convenient, and causes us to become lazy, and used to buying fast, and eating fast, while not paying attention to the fact that our food is our fuel… and, “I want my body (vehicle) to run on the best fuel available to me, which can not be delivered in boxes (weight loss programs), or over a counter, unless it is prepared right in front of you… fresh daily, is how food was intended to be consumed in this system.  

Conclusion of this system

Many of us wait for the ‘conclusion’ of matters before we act willingly upon what life puts in front of us. Most of the times, when one waits for the conclusion before initiating or engaging something, it’s simply too late when we decide to act upon it. We do this everyday, especially to those we love. Why? It’s easier for us. 

For example: If you already know your car needs gas and continue to ignore the indicator light, eventually you’ll run out and create your own “fate”. We all have one destiny, but many fates. Fates are determined by us exclusively (influenced by fairys… ha). Our will power is the single most determining factor in our fate. Strengthen the will and control your fate. Maintain controi of your fate, and live your destiny.

Others know full well, what they have to do, and yet do not act upon it. These are those who wait for conclusions to matters, and then jump in with suggestions and offers to assist after the fact. Selfish individuals have no place in heaven I am told. By whom you may ask? That book… and the other one… and this one… and that old, old, very old one as well written in stone. Angels failed to act. Those who waited for a ‘conclusion’ to an important heavenly matter, are more of a disappointment to our mutual Creator than the one’s who protested. Taking a stand on one side or the other is the balance necessary to maintain order in the universe. Too many left turns or right turns always leads the driver in a circle… which is The Wheel Of Life. Examine your circle and determine who is in it? Lovers of life, or lovers of themselves? No room on Terra for the selfish… “as above so below”. 

…be love…evolve… iAndroid

since 1977

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