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You can find our blog located at the following URL:

If you are a singer looking for material to record, why not check out our discography and enter into a limited licensing agreement with us? or we can write a tune especially for you.

Bands looking for material are also welcome… 

New songs are added to our list of company “owned” music every day. As of this day, we currently own *175 titles with a lofty goal of surpassing the songmaster himself, Mr. Paul Anka who owns the rights to well over 300 songs!l Paul was the creative force behind such superstars as:

  • Frank Sinatra
  • Tom Jones
  • Elvis Presley
  • Michael Jackson
  • Johnny Mathis

* The discography total has not been updated since May 2018. Android is getting close Paul… grand total to be revealed

Live on The Iggy Ice Show in September

The Underground Forum has been activated as of January 21, 2018… feel free to utilize this forum to:

  • express youself musically
  • express yourself spiritually
  • connect with like-minded people
  • ask question about music or life
  • post announcements relative to our community (will be reviewed by administator first)
  • sell musical gear
  • promote your music
  • promote your art

Thanks for stopping by…

much love= peace =iAndroid

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