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Welcome to the third installment in my series about Aging Rockers, and how their success impacted millions of lives, including their own. The first two posts were about Mick Jagger and Brian Wilson. If you haven’t read them already please do so, and feel free to comment. Blogging works better that way! That being said, Robert A. Zimmerman (76), sold over 1 million records, putting him up there in very good company. One can only imagine if digital downloads were available in 1965 just how huge that number would be today. Anyone want to speculate?

While performing at his high school talent show with his first band the Golden Chords, the principal cut the microphone off because the volume was too loud. Around that time Dylan realized that rock-n-roll wasn’t for him. It wasn’t enough! His catch phase was, “the songs weren’t serious enough or didn’t reflect life in a realistic way”.

After relocating to NYC in 1960 for a record deal, he visited his idol Woody Guthrie in the hospital. Dylan aimed to be the greatest disciple of Guthrie, saying posthumously, “the songs themselves had the infinite sweep of humanity in them”.

In 1962 Zimmerman changed his name to Bob Dylan, and signed his first management deal with Albert Grossman for $10,000 for the exclusive rights to manage him. You pretty much know what happened after that. Success in arguably one of most difficulty industries came fast, songs impacted lives, pissed off the government, and directly inspired such legendary performer as: Joan Baez, Johnny Cash, the Grateful Dead, George Harrison, Mark Knopfler, Tom Petty, the Traveling Willburys, and of course  The Band.

Just like the power company that steps down the high voltage through a series of transforms, Zimmerman took his rock-n-roll roots and separated the rock from the roll focusing on the lyrics instead of the noise. Gospel, folk, jazz, and country influences turned Dylan into one of the world’s greats purveyors of the spoken word. Record sales can attest for that, however, more importantly, in 2016 he was awarded The Nobel Prize For Literature placing him among such greats as: Steinbeck, Sartre, and Camus.

I would love to write more about today’s special rocker, however, I’ll leave that for another blog. Dylan is appearing in Portugal on March 22, 2918 if anyone is up for a road trip. If a fan has the resources to attend such an event, Dylan certainly has the credentials to warrant such an endeavor!

Dylan helped me unravel some of life’s mysteries early on in my life during a critical time when music was everything to everyone. How we looked forward to new singles released on 45’s, scrimped and saved our pennies to be the LP. Going over a friend’s house because they were the only one who had the LP!  Vinyl was worth something in those days. It not only monetary, but what we thought was long lasting intrinsic value, like a message from the bible.

What is left to do with the messages of greats such as Guthrie and Dylan? One can play the songs over and over without worrying about wearing out the vinyl today because of technology, or live the meaning behind the lyrics reaping the benefits which lay just below the surface of any good message. Messaging has become an everyday occurrence these days. We take it for granted because some of us grew up with this technology, or adapted to it as it developed. Often these messages we sent to each other are nothing more that a distraction. Why? Because usually these quick texts have no intrinsic value. They are not long lasting thoughts that may tend to be useful to the recipient, making them a distraction. If you are going to be distracted over and over again each day because of this technology, just make sure you take the time to add value to the interruptions by reflecting on your musical roots. Music is a gift from God to man to help elevate praise through prayer. Each note of the scale, (7) correspond with a frequency with is pleasing to God (your god, my god), giving us an opportunity to multiple pray by the power of 10. If anything, I’ve learned that choosing our words carefully is the first step toward pleasing others, and God as well.

Tomorrow’s blog is about Sir Paul McCartney. If you haven’t read the first two installment’s in this series, please scroll to do so…

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