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Today, Tuesday is a day for getting stuff done. I forget if it was the Romans or the Greeks who named the days of the week after their gods? This day was named for Mars, the god of war, so tread lightly today to avoid conflict. It’s hot amber in color and promotes, honor, justice, and courage. Try to utilize the energy of this day to finish something you’ve already begun and have been putting off!

Musically, Tuesday has brought us such songs as: Ruby Tuesday (the Rolling Stones 1967), Tuesday Afternoon (the Moody Blues 1968), Sunday’s Gonna Come On Tuesday (the New Establishment 1968), and Everything Tuesday (by the Chairman of the Board 1970). Not very many songs about this day, unlike Sunday (30 songs), and Saturday (23 songs). I believe it’s time for someone to write another Tuesday song! Okay, I’ll get started on that right away. You know what would be nice? If other songwriters reading this blog would also take advantage of this day’s energy and also write a Tuesday song! I’m dreaming I guess.

Next topic comes from a fb post by one of my friends who said, ” Be careful not to become the things you hate. I happens more often than not!” Well, from my limited life experience, I find that this seems to come from complaining about what you hate… because when we do, complain which we do, and do often… the universe gets confused and thinks this is what we like, and sends us more of the same! So I stopped complaining in order to get my karma back in balance. Hey, you can’t write a balanced song if you yourself are not balanced. A “lot” in life is just that. It’s a tiny plot of space within our universe (time). The expression that’s his “lot in life” is used to draw focus to what the universe has already give us. It usually has a negative connotation as well. Accepting this “lot” and literally turning it around into a “LOT” meaning plenty, is not as difficult as you think. Simply change the channel in your mind and you will change your thoughts. Recognize dysfunctional thoughts and then stop thinking about them. Dwelling on something is a way of drawing that aspect to us. That is why it is so critically important to “dwell” on what exactly what we want from this UFE (universal field of energy), or your own interpretation of God.
If you are a songwriter and are hitting a wall or pervasive negativity, it’s probably because your chakras are blocked due to an imbalance within your soul. Remember from a previous blog I spoke about worlds within world.. which are the four aspects of humankind: the physical self, the emotion self, the intellectual self, and our spiritual self. Karma is firing on all four cylinders when these worlds are in balance. Unfortunately, most of us rarely do fire of all cylinders. We usually have three aspects working for us, with the fourth going in and out… teasing us by showing us what true balance can feel like, and then evading us until we re-acheive that same consciousness.

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