The cosmic meaning of Sunday


Good morning music lovers! Today is an awesome day when you truly believe it to be. Sunday is a day of the sun. It is a perfect day for relaxing, unwinding and connecting with you inner self. This is the one day set aside for tapping into your inner light and radiance. A day of self reflection, spiritual growth, and giving yourself the time necessary to recharge your soul.

The vibrations of Sunday are perfect to focus on matters surrounding your health and well-being. A day for socializing. A day for harmonizing with others and the universe as well. We can accomplish this and truly benefit from these peaceful vibrations by following tradition and set this awesome day aside as a DAY OF REST. I try not to schedule anything to heavy or intense on Sundays so I can focus on me and my personal needs. I break these needs into four categories: physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. It’s important for all four of the “worlds… within ourself,” always be in balance. “It’s hard to sit on a three legged chair!” It’s not impossible, but it is better for us when all four legs are in tact. Most of us rarely have all four inner worlds firing on all cylinders simultaneously. We usually sync three, with one, (which varies)… going in and out teasing us just enough for us to feel the benefits of inner balance, but eluding us just enough to give stress and anxiety an opportunity to take root.

One of the most important things I’ve learn about Sunday is that it helps us set the tone for the busy week to follow. This is important when building positive karma. Leave your pervasive negativity for the hectic workweek! It has no place within your Sunday. It wan’t until I started paying attention to the true meaning behind the days of the week, what each month represents, the significance of the sun, the moon, the earth and the sky, I was out of balance with the universe. My chakra were blocked and my energy was stifled. Letting go of that horrible feeling that we must possess “things”, many things, the latest things, things to make our lives easier, thing we don’t need… was key in my lifestyle change.

Remember, it’s not your fault. We are product of our environment. Our beliefs are usually formed and sometimes limited early on during our lifetime. We take in just enough to survive and understand what is necessary to function day to day. This is usually due to an overwhelming sense of urgency to conform to what society expects from us, or to do what our parents expect from us without letting them down. Many times as parents, our own failures fuel our expectations for our children. We don’t want to be too easy on them. Our parents weren’t with us. We also don’t want to try to cherry pick their path for them as we all need to discover this for ourselves. So what is left for us to do? Listen. Pay attention. Pause before speaking. Speak the truth. Accept them. Understand them. Guide them… don’t try to lead them. Encourage them to be leaders. Try to be easy to understand. Remember when we were young and our parents tried to lecture us. All we heard was…bla bla bla! You don’t want your child to be thinking that when you speak as well. Life is stressful enough.

At some point in our life, we have to break that cycle and focus on change. Change for the better. This begins with accepting that there is more to us than what we already know, and it we don’t take the time to get to know the rest, we will not experience balance in this lifetime.

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